They say variety is the spice of life.  With that thought, why not spice up your session?  Try a sugar scrub or choose from an aray of enhancements.  Any one of the below will give you a different experience and don't hesitate to add multiples.  We can work out a package just for you.

Sugar Scrub Treatments

Sugar scrubs exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. Holistic Wellness & Massage Center has a wide selection of sugar scrubs to choose from at any one time.  Each season, we try to change it up so please ask your therapist for our current scrubs.
                    Hands  $10                                                                            Feet  $15
                    Back Glow  $25                                                                    Hands, Feet & Back  $40



How about adding just a little something to make your session different and unique to you?  Adding one or more of the option below and enhance your overall experience.  Allow us to help you relax.
                    Hot Packs or Towels $10                                                 Face Massage w/Hot Towel $15
                    Aromatherapy $10                                                           Face & Head Massage $15


                    Foot or Hand Wrap $10                                                  Targeted Hot Stone

                                                                                                                    Treatment $10