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Holistic Wellness & Massage Center is all about our clients; without the constraints of contracts.  We want to work with each individual and find what works well for them. 

For over ten years, Holistic Wellness & Massage Center has been providing relaxation and therapeutic services to the Spring and The Woodlands area.  We have grown from a one room establishment to our existing facility.

Our past, current and future success is due to wonderful clients and dedicated, caring therapists.  All of our massage therapists are skilled in general Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage.  Each brings a different skill set which can include:  medical, prenatal massage, reflexology, hot stone massage, Reiki, meditation, assisted stretching, and sports massage.


At Holistic Wellness & Massage Center, we listen to our clients' needs.  We strive to gain knowledge and education to assist our clients in their wellness path.  Let's join forces to make your wellness journey smoother.

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